Thursday, January 20, 2011


My dear friends of Imperfect Prose
I have not blogged in a month. It feels so strange to not write, but quite honestly, I have not had much to write about.

Until now.

I feel so awake, so alive!

All the waiting is finished. No more land between. No more wondering, pondering what it is God has.

I have answers to my questions that have haunted my writing.

Many of you have read my posts, have followed the journey that God has taken me on over the last 6 months, and I am grateful for each of you, and the words of blessing and encouragement to keep pressing forward!

Now I want to share with you where this journey has taken me.
My family and I are being uprooted. God has shifted and we are willingly stepping out in what little Faith we have, much like Peter stepping out of the boat, to walk towards our Saviour.

We will be moving, tho we don't know when yet, to a little town 4 hours from here, away from all our family, our friends, our security.

Friends, God has done such a work in my life! I feel so new, so ready for this! There is so much that doesn't make any sense when I think about it with out God. But WITH him, all things are possible.

He has made it so very clear that I can't help but be excited for what's next!

And not only are we moving, but I am stepping back into the front lines of this ministry that my husband and I first started in when we were freshly married, something that is amazing on it;s own, for I was never again going to serve this way because of a bitter experience .
But our Lord does not leave us alone, does he. He saw the work that needed be done, and believe me, I am sure I was one of His biggest challenges :)

I ask for prayer as I continue to journey. There are many giants on the road a head and I know I will feel like letting some of them defeat me.

Bless you my writing family. You all mean more to me then I could ever express.

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