Wednesday, February 2, 2011

opposition and a wall

Today was a good day.

Well, it started that way anyway.

It was a snow day today, so the world woke with the whirrrr of snow blowers, one per drive.

Snuggles with my boys as daddy clears the way for us to get out for adventure. "Quiet" time with the Lord, cup of coffee in hand.

We ventured out mid morning to drive downtown and breath deep the fresh air our lungs longed for after being held captive by winter in my house.

We went and held little bunnies at the pet store, shared cookies at coffee culture, and bought cheap toys and craft things at the dollar store.

We coloured outside the lines in books with kid pictures, painted with our fingers, ignored dishes, and made messes.

We decorated pizza...mmmmmmm

And then it happened. One conversation that devastated my day. Nothing that should be a big deal, but for was.
And I have sat here for hours. And have pondered why my heart is hurt and why tears sit ready to spill over.

And finally, i remember my "quiet" time with the Lord, and the scripture I have felt need to read, and how I did read it, and now I know why.


A man called by God to go rebuild a wall.
And he does what seems impossible.
There is opposition that rises against him, and so he arms everyone and keeps pressing on.
He remains faithful to the call.

I feel like Nehemiah.
It's impossible
And there is opposition

except that i don't really feel like arming myself. or pressing on, for that matter.

But I will
I can't help it.

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