Thursday, July 29, 2010


So I love to create things
It's what I do.
I love to expiriment.
I am rarely happy with my work.

but sometimes I am.

I make things out of fabric.
It seems to me tho that it is more then just making.
It's creating.
Creating a piece of work that has yet to be thought of
Creating something that is origional, one of-a kind-right out of my brain
Creating something spiritual?

Creating is Spiritual

Once there was another Creator who Spiritually created.
Origional works, one of a kind stuff that had yet to be thought of.

I want to be like Him.


  1. you ARE like him. you shine. i join you in this creating, and together, we weave a tapestry for the world to see... this is love.

  2. ps. you should link this one to thursdays at some point. it's perfectly imperfect.

  3. I would love to put a link to thursdays, but I cxan't for the life of me figure out how! lol

  4. This is a nice thought. When we create, we are being like our Creator.

  5. I love this! My favorite line: "Creating is Spiritual." Beautiful and so true!

    I stopped over from "in the hush". I have two little boys too! :-) Welcome to the world of blogging!

  6. Well you created a beautiful poem of gratitude. Lovely words.


    came by Emilys Thursday..

  7. the poem you creative is perfectly beautiful!

  8. What a great poem. And I love the shirts, especially the new life one. Do you sell these?