Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Land Between

This year we vacationed up north in a little town called Norland.
There is not a lot there.

I took a picture of this, their town sign because I found it humorous.
The Land Between. What a funny thing to put on a sign!

Funny then...not so funny now.

Like I said, we vacationed in The Land Between.
I never expected I would stay there this long.
The Land Between. You now, some days God is so very clear with what He is telling you. Some days He makes it very clear. And then there are those times that you miss completely.
And this has been one of those times.
See, this journey that God has me on was jump started during my time in Norland, and since then I have felt "in between". Not being able to go back to life as it was, yet not getting the green light to move forward. I have been in between for 4 months.

And I can almost taste the change, it's that close.
And I live in anticipation every day of the answer that is sure to come.
And it is breaking me beyond anything I have ever felt.

Yesterday I hit that point when tears come, and anger flows, and pain happens, and this tortured soul cried out into the silence, only to be met with peace.
Peace so real and tangible
Peace so undeserving.

And I am reminded by a dear friend to trust.
So I do. Because thats all I have left.


  1. oh melissa. i'm so glad you know where you're going now. this is beautifully written friend.

  2. the land between -- a great place to grow. :)