Sunday, May 1, 2011

Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to the cross

Have you?

Its not a question with an open ended answer, nor does it need a complex one.
Its actually a simple answer... a yes or a no is all that is needed.

Yet, not so simple in living out, is it?

Or is it simply us who complicates it?

Could it be possible to live completely according to the Spirit, and not the nature that screams otherwise?

This nature that is dead. Crucified with Christ.
Death screaming for us to listen, and when we do, death wins.

Why choose death then? When life is right then gentle whispering in our ears, giving us choice, speaking life.

SO, I choose life, again today. And again tomorrow. And for the rest of my life, for this battle here, this clashing of Spirits, is not over yet. We war against the unseen, not the flesh, for the old man, this nature that was me, IS dead, it IS crucified, and I REFUSE to bring it back.

Today, again I nail my passions and desires to the cross.

I belong to Christ.

What about you?

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  1. that will preach...smiles. yep i been nailed.

  2. totally challenging, in a very good way. Sometimes the truth just confronts by its very nature. I am confronted.

    thanks, I needed that.

  3. Both the picture and the writing make this such an incredibly challenging piece. Very moving. Thank you!

  4. me too, friend. i choose life too. oh how it hurts. but there's no other way.... (i love you)

  5. I choose life, picking up my cross and following Jesus.

  6. this is powerful and the picture speaks the volumes