Wednesday, October 6, 2010

child of God

This is my son. He is 3.
Somedays he surprises me with what he knows.
He tells me when he's frustraited.
He make me have to hid a giggle when he tells me I'm not being kind when I have to disipline him.
He dances unashamed in nothing but his underwear.
He says the Lords prayer every night, and with child faith reminds me how to mean it.
He feels things like love
He delights in the simple
He feels guilt for things, and takes on others pain
He is a person, created by God, in his very image.
And I get to be his mommy


  1. someone's not sleeping... :) such a beautiful post. i'm so glad i get to visit with you and learn from you sister. your boys are so blessed to call you mother. xo

  2. "with child faith reminds me how to mean it" - this is beautiful and inspiring. Do you think he understands the meaning of what he's saying?

  3. oh yes, thank you Jesus that we get to be our children's mommies. i absolutely love this. your son is simply marvelous.

  4. smiles. what a blessing it is to be trusted with them...big smiles. cute one.

  5. Getting to be mommy--that is gift indeed. He's adorable. What a sweet, tender heart taking on others pain. Thanks for stopping by with your kind comments about my boy. Blessings to you.

  6. oh i like this post! maybe it's just because i'm very partial to little boys(i have a two and a half year old), but i heart this sweet tribute to your boy.

  7. Kati, Yes I do believe he understand what he is saying. He has always been very sensitive towards the Spirit of the Lord!

  8. He says the Lord's prayer and reminds me how to mean it-beautiful.