Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Son

This is my son. He is 19 months old.
In this picture he looks calm, but in real life his is full of untamed enery.
It starts with a glint in his that never seems to subside. He pours himself into all that he does, even tho most of the time it ends with bruise and bump, and sometimes blood.
He likes to wear baskets on his head and will eat ANYTHING he find no matter how gross it is (his favorite is chalk....)
He is daring. He is courageous.

I want to be more like him.
He reminds me of what it is that God has called me to be, and how far I fall from that!
to be innocent of thought that counters what God made me to be!
to be able to not be afraid of bumps, bruises, and blood.
to be able to wear baskets on my head with out shame.

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  1. cute little one you got yeah i feel that way when i look at my boys and wonder when i lost it...basket on the head and all...

  2. Oh I wish to wear baskets on my head without shame too!

    Your son is adorable. I have a 17 month old. Good times!

  3. in home counselor for at risk teens and children...

  4. Adorable child. LOVE the basket. He wears it so well ; )

    Isn't it wonderful how we see God through our children?

  5. I often thought that the things that nearly drove me crazy about my kids and kept me awake at night were most likely to raw gifts God had given them that just needed to be tempered and trained to be used for His glory. May your son always be daring and courageous and unafraid of the bumps and bruises. May he pursue Christ and His kingdom at with full heart and at full speed (with or without a basket on his head!)

  6. so cute - it does always start with a glint in the eye, doesn't it?

  7. lol... oh melissa, i see so much of you in him, here... so be encouraged! and i join you... together, we'll dance around wearing baskets on our heads, unashamed :) love you sister. xo

  8. i wish to be more like my children too, especially the lack of concern and shame based on other's feelings.

  9. I hope he keeps that courage for a long time yet. What a beautiful spirit! (But perhaps if he stops eating chalk that will be a good thing)

  10. this so made me smile !
    and as I get a little older , I am getting younger and less ashamed...