Wednesday, November 24, 2010


He stepped out of the boat and walked,
the destination was the Saviour
the surface was water.
What was it that caused him to place one foot after the other out of that boat? The water was not inviting, nor was the wind. Like a violent breath, it tossed the boat about on that less then peaceful surface,

less then peaceful circumstances.

Did he fear at that moment, or was he too far gone in adventure that he was willing to risk all, just to be like Jesus?
And as he walked across that wet watery grave, was his doubt sudden, or did it start with a small thought, one that grew grand in the face of the storm, one that was perhaps not so grand to begin with?
And there he was, sinking fast, even though he was right in front of the Saviour, within arms reach, he doubted. He feared.
He had already experienced the miracle, yet doubted the one who caused it to happen.
Peter, whose name means rock, sank like one.
And Jesus reached out and pulled him out of that water.
And He scolds Peter, not for lack of faith, but for little faith, because Peter had more faith then anyone else in that boat. He got out, and he walked on water with the Saviour, the only 2 people to ever do that. And as he stood in front of the Saviour, he sank.

And thats where I am. In front of Jesus.
I've already got out of the boat
I've already experienced the miracles of walking on water
And I am standing before my saviour

yet I feel like I am sinking.

Do I have lack of faith?
Do I have little faith?
Have I sank yet?

But I know that if I do sink, i know that Jesus will pick me up and place me back on the water, back in the middle of the storm.
See, Jesus didn't fix it for Peter. He could have carried him, he could have put him back in the boat, but He didn't. He places Peter back in the same situation that he sank in.
and the best part of this story for me is this
After Jesus pulls Peter out of the water
they begin the journey back

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  1. "Peter, whose name means rock, sank like one."

    What an image.

  2. This is good. I know this reality--Do I lack faith? No. Do I have little faith? Yes, so often yes. Beautiful picture--my Savior is right there in front of me, within reach, and He will not let me sink.

  3. I'm so grateful that the Lord doesn't leave us to journey alone. So often I have that little faith. Yet he is SO faithful. Thanks for that beautiful reminder.

    Beautiful family pics. Your boys are precious. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  4. the last three paragraphs really spoke to where i'm at. when i feel like i'm sinking, i start to feel like God has abandoned me, that He finds my sinking amusing. but this reminds me that He is not, that He is right there with me. thank you!

  5. the last part got me. the "together." that's where i began to cry. for it's such grace, isn't it? such grace. i'm so glad you linked, melissa. i've missed you. :)

  6. that was beautiful...yes, what connie said!

  7. Beautiful . . . I've been picked up from the sinking waters so many times . . . . thank you for sharing!

  8. love the confidence in you.
    smart prose.

  9. It's the "together" that He desires. Sometimes He lets us begin to sink just so we turn back to walking with Him. Blessings to you Daughter of the King.