Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I was Broken.
Ripped in half it seemed.
Months of life giving words spilt on the floor like sour milk, creating mess and stink and boy is it hard to clean up.
A mess I never knew existed until asking why. Why Silence. Why the change.
Faced with Answers.
Answers that wouldn't have existed, but for stubbornness and miss understanding, leading to unforgiving and then Silence.
And now I wait. I can do nothing but ask again and again for forgiveness.
For something I never knew about.

Friends, I urge you, If you have an issue with someone dear to you, talk to them. Don't let the sun go down again without working it out. Ruined relationship happen because no one says anything. And well, its just not worth it.

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  1. so true...was just commenting to another IP blogger on similar...they were writing on minimizing...small things become large things when neglected...i hope that grace finds you in yours...

  2. It sounds as if you have first hand knowledge of this hard life lesson. Sorry for that reality, but not sorry that you're making a positive out of a negative. Now, if we'll all just follow your lead! Thanks for piercingly true words!

  3. Ohhhh, do I know this. I had a very bitter mom who took it to her grave. It hurt so many deeply. My dad has finally come around, and for my birthday a few weeks ago, even apologized. WOW! It healed so many years.

    I pray you find healing in what you are going thruogh.

  4. I can feel the sorrow well from the words here.
    I find that I tend to withdraw into silence rather than confront an issue that is painful for me to face and you are right it is not a way to find healing or release.Communication and openess are so important.
    Thank you for stopping by "Somewhere a Melody" today :)

  5. oh sister... how i ache for you... i pray for redemption in this relationship... you are beautiful and lovely. i treasure your friendship. xo