Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So right now in life
I question.
Do I really want to know?
Because that would mean that I would have to do
and doing is hard
because it usually is not what I want at all
Or is it?
If I want what God wants
then I must want this too
But do I?
Why lead blind when He could just show me?
Why a new path when this one is tried and true?
Why challenge everything that seems so perfect?

Simply this

If God asks, I should do
If he uproots, I should go
If He Calls, I should answer

(Isaiah 42:16)

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  1. You ask good questions. He will not only be faithful to answer, but will fill you with the love and desire to do what He asks you to do. Trust Him for that.

    He is always uprooting. He is often leading where we cannot see. Sometimes the uprooting is physical, sometimes it is within. But He holds out His hand to lead us through.

    Thanks for sharing. Your words are beautiful.

  2. which is certainly not easy to do, quite often, but he does not give us more than we can handle...and his vision is well beyond what we can see...

  3. Continue searching for those answers! He is always faithful to answer, I am also another one of his searching children :) Carry on dear friend, carry on!

  4. I'm also questioning "why a new path if this one is tried and true?"... so hard to be obedient to the simple "go and I will lead you".
    Sending love your way today!

  5. today this mirrors the verse in my head/heart the last little while: lord, send me. and i feel this missional urge to GO and yet i am to stay, at least in this season and yet isaiah rings in my head still.... and it is easier to ask why of God than to be willing to follow, to trust, to obey. darn flesh, right?!? :) thanks for linking today at emily's!

  6. Pondering similar things today in the quietness of my heart.

  7. Yep...that walking by faith and not by sight. Theoretically, I get that it's good, but oh, the reality of living it. Great post.

  8. oh, girl, this aches and it pulses and i know it pleases him... your heart is so purely beautiful. i can't wait to talk to you more about this big decision when you come... i'm counting the days. :) love you. praying for you. xo

  9. These are things I think all Christians ponder at times in their lives...beautiful writing...thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. there is so much truth here. glad i visited:) i love your header, too!

  11. This resonates with me. It is lovely and true.

  12. "why lead blind when He could just show me?" or some variant of this phrase has been running through my head for the past year now. i identify with your post. thank you!

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