Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last week i wrote about being mad at a lot of things, and at God.
Well, God and I had a talk.
Yesterday I was driving home from having coffee with a friend, and we had chatted about all the stuff in my life, and I was feeling confused and frustraited. My friend asked if I had asked God any direct questions.

You know, I never thought of that.

I have spent a lot of time avoiding the inevitable converstaion with God...i think mostly because I have been too scared of His answer. Because what He's been asking seems nuts.

So on the way home we (God and I) talked.

For a while it was just me talking..telling Him what I want.
"Write your answer in the clouds" I told him (but make it really legable because I'm driving...)

and He didn't

"I'll take ANY answer...ANYTHING"

Nothing but silence.

So I asked Him something direct...the thing...the place...the word...that I have been avoiding saying for months.


I turned on the radio to a Christian station I knew of, and Adventures in Odyssey was on (I love that show)
They were telling the story of Noah.
So I listened.
I listened for 15 minuets,
and then I heard

"Make a Boat..."
God said to Noah
"I am about to cover the earth with a flood that will destroy every living thing....bring animals.....collect food for them...."

"So Noah did exactly as God commanded"

Here is a man that God talked to....God told him to do something that seemed SO crazy! I am sure people around him thought he was nuts.
And Noah built that ark for 120 years and collected food, and filled it with animals BEFORE God brought the rain, something that hadn't happened before!
The whole thing seemed nuts

"So Noah did exactly as God commanded"

Yesterday I heard clearly from God. He talked to me. He answered my cries in the car. He let me cry when He answered and he will hold me through it all.

My answer back is YES.

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  1. What a good God - not just to answer us, but to hold us and let us cry - and I believe He cries with us.

  2. oh, the talks we could have. you and me and god and me and well, i guess god and us? :) i've begged for writing on walls and yes, cloud-signs, and so often i felt... dare i say ignored? and then i realize later that i was eithe rnot listening at all, or i was so tuned into my own ideas of answers i couldn't hear beneath the white noise of my own will.
    i'm so glad he talked back. those moments have felt rare and sparkly to me, but they are the clearest moments i own, and i treasure them.

  3. My favorite moments, when we beg, and talk, and stomp, and ask, and ask again...and then we listen, and wait, and we hear, and we know.

    Yet, He has been the there all along, never taking His eyes off of us.

  4. sounds like you are about to be on an incredible journey...nice place to be...

  5. Hi! This is a great reminder, something I seem to need from time to time. It reminds me of two of my favourite verses: Be still and know that I am God; and My ways are not Your ways (can't quote exactly, maybe you know it - essentially God's saying his level of intelligence is way beyond ours so we'd better just get with the program).

  6. oh friend... i love how you seek him hard, and you keep seeking even in the silence... it's this, he's waiting for... the holy-ground-dwellers... the ones who refuse to leave. those are the ones he uses. so get ready :) love you sister. xo

  7. i love adventures in odyssey too! unfortunately i'm so behind on the storyline though!
    i've been yelling at God too recently. then i opened up my Bible and He spoke to me. i was quite surprised and kept checking to make sure it really was Him speaking to me. those moments of God-conversation are quite special.

  8. thank you for this. i really needed to read it, i feel an answer in my own life here in this.

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