Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today has been....oh you know..."one of those" days.

Quite honestly, I woke up this morning mad.

Mad at everything that is happening, and at everything that is NOT happening.

hmm..what else...


mad at God.


Why is it that when I feel like I need answers most, He remains quiet? I mean, common! I am trying here! Trying to trust, trying to do what He asks...and I get nothing!

But then again, "nothing" does not seem fitting.

As I look at this picture, I am reminded of something He did say a couple days ago. I am reminded that He is not quiet, because as I made this shirt, he spoke to me and guided my creativity.
I am also reminded that I am simply not listening. He is speaking, and I am too caught up in demanding answers that I want, and not willing to sit down, be still, and recieve the truth that He offers.


Life that is wrapped up in Christ's death. And only by His death , by the shedding of blood from hands, feet and side, do I truely have life.

And because of death I have everything.

And that is the truth. That is life. As it should be.
And I complain that I have nothing.
And I demand that I need answers.

But really, I don't.

(the shirt above is called "redemtion". I made it for myself last week....didn't know it was speak to me today!)

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  1. I have been where in this place this week - complaining, demanding, and finally waiting and trusting again.

  2. And I just now saw your comment on my post. Good to know we aren't alone on this journey, isn't it?

  3. oh it is SO good to know we are not alone!! And I am sure we are not the only two feeling this way either.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and honest post...:-)

  5. Great shirt! So true--so often I'm simply not listening. Thanks for sharing how He speaks to and through you. Blessings.

  6. poignant post...i too can get so caught up in what i want to hear i miss the voice that is speaking...nice shirt too!

  7. That shirt is AWESOME!
    I know just how you feel. I'm dealing with this part of myself right now too.
    Beautiful and Honest words. . .

  8. i know this place...thank God it is His grip that holds our hearts and not the other way around! thank you for your openness to listen and to share

  9. i have had such a rocky internal dialogue w/ god last few years.. b/cs he seemed so silent. but then he'd remind me of BIG prayers asnwered. not always mine, in fact mostly not (but my sis who was such a baby believer at the time), but every time i remembered them i cried b/cs i was so quick to doubt, to forget his hand on mine.
    i love that you made that shirt, that you can remember, like the stones of remembrence that joshua and the others when they got into canaan.

  10. "He is speaking, and I am too caught up in demanding answers that I want, and not willing to sit down, be still, and recieve the truth that He offers." Good words. Thank you.

  11. Sometimes how we wake up sets the pattern for our day. :-)

  12. such honesty in this ... beautiful. and the shirt rocks.

  13. love, love your honesty and truth...god often wants me to just be still and listen, he speaks to me, at times i miss it!
    your shirt is awesome!
    glad to have found from emily's blog...

  14. you know, it helps me to know you get mad too :) and i think this is one of my favourite sweaters of yours. love you.

  15. There's a lot to love about God - obviously. And if I'm completely honest, there's a lot that frustrates me about God. But what's so awesome is that he's God and that's enough - I love the mystery of him! Thanks for reminding me of that so clearly today.

  16. i too was mad at God and demanding answers. sometimes this is too overwhelming, too painful and i forget His great love. i forget that by His stripes i am healed and how much healing He has done. i feel abandoned and forget how I have been comforted and blessed. the first time i read your post today, i growled a bit because i was still mad. but now, i can say with a humbled, stilled heart, yes, me too! thank you for your honesty. i heart your shirts. you are truly gifted!