Sunday, July 17, 2011

life and questions


So many questions

What happened to it, the normal-ness that I had depended on?

When did it become spun out, wrung out, filled up and dumped out, washed up, spread out, stacked up and rebuilt?

All that seems bad, but really, its not.

Because as life has been turned around for me, I have turned with it. When I stopped clinging and released what I thought I wanted, God started to weave a fantastic story, one that I could never have written myself!

He is Good that way, isn't he.

We left our home on June 13th to go live in one bedroom with another family of 4. 8 people in small house, and in this house God has created unity of the biblical kind. In breaking bread together, in sharing our belongings, in caring for each other and for our kids, we see what the body of Christ is meant to be....together. We see what love is meant to

Other equally good things have come from this shifted life.

My oldest son, the timid one, is not so timid anymore. Our step in faith jump started a daring adventureful spirit in him. And I Praise God for that!

The vehicle we drive that was bought for us with specific conditions has been given to us as a permanent gift.

That peace that surpasses all understanding, that guards and protects your soul? Ya, we have that.

The ministry that both my husband and I are involved in is evolving beyond our expectations

God has used our story to encourage and challenge others to step out in faith, into what God is calling them to do.

We are able to bless another couple just starting on their journey of life together by loaning them our house until it sells.

And as we have been living this crazy life, I am reminded every day of God's faithfulness, for He does not forget us. As we have lived in this one bedroom home of ours, we have continued to pray that God sells our house in our old town.

He hasn't

Instead he has now provided a new place for us, one we can afford while we are still paying for our old house. So as of September 1st, we step out yet again.
There have been so many questions as to why our place hasn't sold, and what's going to happen next, but honestly

I've stopped asking them.

Because I don't really need the answers.

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  1. Amazing write up, most amazing testimony... Keep flowing, this is touching lives.

  2. Oh there are questions I need to stop/rest from asking, but I fear if I don't, God will "forget" about me. That looks ridiculous typed out, but that's what is in my heart. Thank you for sharing this - it is an encouragement and exhortation to me.

  3. I loved what you said about living real community. As a single person trekking the world alone, I look at families and think that that is community. But I forget that sometimes it's a privilege for me to live this way because I'm always being pushed into new community, never able to enjoy the comfort zone of familiarity. And community with people we didn't entirely choose is really a beautiful thing, isn't it... Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  4. oh sister. what a heart you have. what a work God is doing in you and through you. and how you are being faithful... i love that you are able to loan out your other house to a couple in need; perhaps this is why it hasn't sold? and you're right. sometimes we just need to stop asking the questions, for by doing so, we exhibit utmost faith. i love you girl. miss you.

  5. You two are in a real journey...glad that you embrace it.

    God Bless

  6. God sent us on a journey. He told us to, "Go." Our house didn't sell. And, at the end of the journey, when we had done what He called us to do, He brought us "home." Like you, we had to be willing to let go of "home" and follow Him. Blessings in your journey. Peace in the unknown to you. You will be blessed!